Physical Restraint Policy & Procedures

Good Afternoon,

As you know, the District has adopted a policy regarding the Physical Restrain of Students (JKA – Physical Restraint of Students) that is consistent with 603 CMR 46.00. In short, physical restraint shall be used only in emergency situation, after other less intrusive alternatives have failed or have been deemed inappropriate and with extreme caution.

The Procedures supporting the implementation of Policy JKA – Physical Restraint of Students are attached for your information and have the goals of: Administering a physical restraint only when needed to protect a student and/or a member of the school community from assault or imminent serious physical harm, and, minimize or prevent any harm to the student as a result of the use of physical restraint. Your familiarity with and use of the strategies for de-escalation are particularly important.

Principals will provide training with the procedures at a faculty meeting. It will be important for each staff member’s signature to be collected after participating in the training.

Thank you for your continued good work,


Restraint Procedures 2016.docx