About School Choice

Good Afternoon,

Recently, a parent called me to talk about School Choice. She relayed a concern about some messaging about School Choice that her child experienced in a school.

As you know, Pentucket’s financial strategy no longer includes School Choice funds. Over the past four years, we have reduced our dependency on School Choice funds. Pentucket continues to participate in the School Choice Program but is not currently opening seats for students to attend Pentucket schools from outside the district.

There is nothing inherently bad about School Choice. However, Pentucket had developed a dependency on School Choice funds. That has been corrected. Once a student is accepted through the School Choice Program, that student is a Pentucket Student. It would be detrimental for students to overhear adults speaking about the School Choice Program in a negative way. It can raise questions in the minds of students about how they fit in or even if they are welcome. Every Pentucket student deserves to experience a welcoming school climate.

Thanks for taking time to read this and to make adjustments as needed.